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Finding hope in pragmatic beginnings: the Paris Peace Agreements 30 years on

On the weekend, Cambodia marked the 30th anniversary of peace agreements signed in Paris to bring an end to decades of conflict. Katrin Travouillon argues that international effort can only be seen as a success through the lens of pragmatism – a “hope that arises and is rekindled in spite of things”...

Accelerating AgTech: Australia’s Opportunity in Vietnams

30 September 2021: Vietnam’s agriculture sector is poised for growth: The uptake of new ‘smart agriculture’ technologies is offering alternatives to traditional labour and water intensive production methods, giving rise to exciting partnership opportunities for Australian AgTech businesses...

Disruption & Innovation: Reshaping Regional Supply Chains

15 September 2021: Supply chains have come under immense strain in the last two years, primarily due to geopolitical tensions in the region and the impact of COVID-19. These factors have resulted in rising costs, shipping delays, fluctuating inventory levels and business disruption...

These rolling crises have driven many businesses to re-assess lowest cost, just-in-time logistics and build greater resilience into their supply chains