Reducing Nuclear Risks: Envisioning a Regional Strategy

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Join us for the final webinar in our ‘Nuclear Risks' series, ‘Reducing Nuclear Risks: Envisioning a Regional Strategy.  


Despite being home to six nuclear armed states, and with two other nuclear armed states asserting their strategic interests, the Indo-Pacific lacks any nuclear risk reduction frameworks or confidence-building measures. PM Albanese has expressed a commitment to promoting regional disarmament and risk reduction. Asialink's webinar will examine how the Australia can substantiate these ambitions.


What could a regional agenda for mitigating nuclear risk look like? How can the Indo-Pacific carve out an effective strategy in the presence of geostrategic competition? Can existing regional architecture be harnessed to support the development of this agenda? Our panelists will delve into the unique regional challenges that necessitate a distinct approach to nuclear risk reduction in the Indo-Pacific. Further, they will put forward practical initiatives that Australia can utilize to achieve its risk reduction aims.




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